The Class of 2020’s Funniest Embarrassing Middle School Moments

Middle school is an awkward three years for everyone. Most humiliatingly hilarious moments are forgotten by the time everyone in your class crosses the threshold into high school. Not anymore! Now these moments will live on forever because the internet is forever. You’re welcome. Continue reading The Class of 2020’s Funniest Embarrassing Middle School Moments

The Rise and Fall of Justin Bieber

Back in 2010, when “Baby” was on top of the charts, everyone had Bieber fever. They saw him as this young Canadian boy, discovered on YouTube by a famous producer. He was hugely famous, and then had a big roadblock in his career. Things started going downhill fast, with him egging his neighbors house and getting a DUI. Some beliebers kept on supporting him, while many started to dislike him.

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Baseball Brawls

On a Sunday not too many weeks ago, a brawl between the Texas Rangers and the Toronto Blue Jays took place. The reason this all up in the news, is because of what started it. Last year, Jose Bautista hit a walk-off home run against the Rangers, the team they were facing at the present time. What happened was that after he hit that home run, Jose Bautista flipped his bat as a celebration. This caused bad blood between the Blue Jays and Rangers. Continue reading Baseball Brawls

Venezuela Erupts into Protests

Over the past few years the Venezuelan people have been protesting and rallying against the current Venezuelan government. The protests began on February 12, 2014, with students demanding increased security and safety at school after the attempted rape of a  female student. Protests against other issues throughout the country, including the highest inflation ever recorded at nearly 190% in 2015 and  projected to be at almost 500% by the end of this year and 1700% by the end of next year, a shortage of basic needs such as food, medicine and sufficient housing, and an increase in crime, have sent Venezuela tumbling into chaos.

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Friday the 13th: Black Bear Spotted in the Wissahickon

You might never believe it, but a black bear was spotted Friday May 13, 2016, in Fairmount Park. He was spotted by the Valley Green Inn, in the Wissahickon, by a  fisherman, at about 11 o’clock a.m. The man said he “looked downstream”, and saw “a black bear approaching on the same bank he was on”!

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