Tom and Rhonda

Rhonda and Tom
Two Generations at GFS

Rhonda and her son Tom have been a part of GFS for years. Starting at school together, Rhonda taught as a fourth grade assistant teacher for Diana Corliss, and Tom was a student in kindergarten. Rhonda was inspired to be a teacher by the fact that her son was  going to this school; she came because of her children and has stayed ever since.  Rhonda loves technology but is also very creative “if I wasn’t a computer teacher I would like to teach graphic design or art” she dishes to bridge reporter when they ask her favorite subject. Tom, a “lifer” began GFS at age five in kindergarten. Five years later when he started sixth grade in Jeff Fetterman’s class, he had his mom as a computer teacher. Now he works alongside her as a colleague and he says it’s “much less awkward”. When asked why he started teaching Tom says “when an opportunity came for me to come and teach, I jumped at it.” Tom hasn’t totally decided that he is going to be a teacher but he likes working with the middle-school age group and he enjoys their fun and energetic way of approaching things. He graduated from The George Washington University where he majored in history and since then he says that it is “great getting to work side by side with such a brilliant educator” (Rhonda) and learning from his teaching experience. Rhonda, when asked if she has fun working alongside Tom, says “definitely! This way I get to see Tom everyday!”