A Wonderful Winter Break Survey

I decided to take a survey on what people did over their Winter Break- 2 weeks of no school to do what they want. Most of the results did not surprise me, only a few stuck out of the crowd. I surveyed 20 people and my results are below:

  1. Traveled: 9
  2. Lazed Around: 7
  3. Family & Friends: 6
  4. Skiing: 3
  5. Other: 2

Some people did a couple things, while most only did one. For some people, Winter Break was full of exciting times. For example, Rhonda had watched the whole first season of Dexter. Last time we spoke, she was up to season 5. Others did things such as visiting exotic countries, meeting new family, and even trips to the hospital.

It is disappointing how many people lazed around. Let’s try to do something more active this spring break. Then we can see how many people were able to do it!