strikes in wisconsin

You have no doubt heard in the news about the union strikes in Wisconsin. But what’s really going on? Is this a sign of the unions attempting to grab power or the government oppressing a group of middle class workers? Lets find out.

Here is a basic recap. It started when the Governor of Wisconsin wanted to make up a 3.6 billion gap by cutting funding to both health care and pensions to the union workers in Wisconsin. The state workers then responded by requesting to increase their pension and health care benefit contribution by 5 and then 12 percent. The Governor responded by calling a law to remove the state workers bargaining rights. This is when the strikes started. The strike on Saturday gathered more then 68,000 people!

When the Governor called for a vote many democratic senators fled the state in order to postpone the vote for as long as possible. The situation is still developing but if I were forced to say who is the bad guy here, I would say it is Scott Walker. He is the governor of Wisconsin who decided to cut the union’s healthcare in the first place. But no matter where you stand, everyone acknowledges this will be a historic moment in US history