Invasive Carp? Now We Got a Problem!

Think of some bad invasive species that is eating all the algae and small organisms, in turn starving the other species in the habitat. Now add the fact that those species are huge carp, that can jump 8-10 feet out of the water. The general name for this species is Asian carp. These carp were imported to the southern U.S. to keep water facilities clean. When some escaped in 1980, they have been infesting and overpopulating the Mississippi River up to the Great Lakes. The carp eat all that they can, ranging from around 20% of their average weight of 30-40 pounds, but some have been recorded as 100 pounds!!

The movie above showed how high these carp can jump, and as you can see, they are everywhere. The carp, eating out all the smaller organisms that other aquatic creatures feed on, reproduces incredibly fast. Some female carp produce 200,000 to 1 million eggs a year! There are tries to controll these carp though, like on the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal. This has an elecr=trical barrier, not completely failsafe though. The barrier only might stun them, not kill them. Flooding in this area could also bring the carp up and over the canal. Some of the problems these carp bring are that when they fully reach the great lakes, it will attract many fishermen and fish catchers. They would also totally skew the food chain, disrupting many specie