Rhonda’s Take on the New Website Layout

Hi, I’m Tunde Sogo, I sat down with Rhonda about the new layout.

These are the questions and her feedback:

Will the new website layout impact readership?

The new features will attract potential readers and keep current ones.

Online reading is becoming increasingly popular, and streamlining access will help with this.

Why did you change the layout?

Sarah and I have been meaning to change the layout for a while.

Middle School students prefer reading online, so we should make it easier.

It gives us a broader viewing spectrum of our paper.

Did you need to change the layout?

No we didn’t, it was a choice.

Is the new layout an improvement, a downgrade, or the same level?

An improvement: because of cosmetic tweaks, a flexible blog format, and easier-to-access resources.

What do you think of the new layout?

I love it, it’s fresh, and it showcases the talent and creativity of the staff that Sarah and I love.

Now, please think about the answers to these questions:

Is this layout better?

It this layout worse?

Is this layout the same as the old one?

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