Carnivore Foods

The Best Generic Carnivore Foods

This article mostly covers generic styles of foods that include meat. I’m not covering seafood. Your local restaurant may have a version of these foods that is different. But, I’m just covering the basic foods. These are not in any particular order. Feel free to comment on the recommendations at the end and throughout.

Tandoori Chicken is one of the best generic carnivore foods. I find it to be the best Indian food for several reasons. The meat, cooked in a specialized Tandoori oven with spices, tastes incredible. The Tandoori style of cooking makes almost every meat taste incredible, but Tandoori Chicken is in my opinion the best Tandoori food. The chicken’s skin has a reddish coloring because of the many spices. Though it is a little spicy, but the average carnivore can handle it.

The Pulled Pork Sandwich is also incredible. Without any pesky bones, it is much easier to eat than a pork-chop. The meat is cooked entirely, instead of being completely cooked outside, and barely on the inside. It is best with hot sauce, which brings out the pork’s natural flavor. No restaurant makes it badly, but some make it better than others.

Though, this food is a little corny or childish to some, Chicken Fingers. Deliciously fried, and compatible with almost every sauce. Chicken Fingers are available at most restaurants. You can order it on the kids’ menu at places like Dave&Busters and the Cheesecake Factory. McDonalds chicken finger’s are in my opinion the best, but they are not healthy. Also called Chicken Selects, Chicken fingers are a great food.

Fried Chicken is varies from restaurant to restaurant, but in general has all of the unhealthiness and oiliness that carnivores love. This is the one food that both chain restaurants and family restaurants make. You can also make fried chicken at home. There are many different styles of making it; you can cook it with extra skin, no skin, deep-fried, lighter fried, and  it doesn’t matter fried chicken will always be incredible.

Skirt Steak, a lesser-known version of steak is very delicious. It melts in your mouth and tastes great. In my opinion, it is made best Brazilian-style. Spice selection may vary from restaurant to restaurant, but the melt in your mouth flavor stays. The style of cooking brings out the meat’s flavor. It is perhaps the only style of steak that doesn’t need steak sauce.

Rack of Lamb is the best choice for those of you that can’t eat pork or beef. Getting it Middle-Eastern-style is best, but Indian-style works too. Outback Steakhouse (which is the best place for non-chicken meats) makes it well too, with great Australian Flavor. Any of these styles gives it a spiced flavor; not necessarily spicy, but a nice spiced flavor. Because this food really varies from restaurant to restaurant, I can’t say that much about it.

Fillet Mignon, is generally a little pricey but worth it. The beef is always high quality, and the bacon is generally too. For good Fillet Mignon, my suggestion is to order from Omaha Steaks. But, be warned, if ordering by mail, pins are put in to keep steak together and bacon on the steak.

Alligator, a rather exotic meat, which is sold a lot near Louisiana and Florida, is incredible. It is a chunky meat that tastes a bit like chicken. I’m not sure what sauce could work for it, but it is fun to experiment with. With alligator populations going down, this should only really be a once or twice in a lifetime food.

Buffalo meat is incredible. Like alligator, overhunting could get rid of the animal for everyone. It is good spiced, but just tastes good normally. I would say that buffalo is the best meat ever. Though, only a good cook can make it properly.

Spicy Chicken Sandwich is a very good food. It’s always crispy and delicious, but the spiciness can range. Find out about the “heat level” before you get it, because it can be super mild to moderately spicy.

Buffalo Chicken Wings are perhaps the best specialty wing. Or at least at one point they were in Buffalo, NY, but they’ve spread everywhere. I don’t know what’s better. the sauce or the actual wing. Beware, if you buy it frozen, it can give you food poisoning and make you barf. I say that from experience, only eat them fresh.

These are just my personal favorites, if I missed anything then please comment.

The next section only covers chain-restaurants.

For Fried Chicken:
Church’s’ Chicken (best, or so I’ve heard)
Kentucky Fried Chicken (most common)
Popeye’s (unhealthiest, but my personal favorite)

For Tandoori Chicken:
Palace of Asia

For Rack of Lamb:
Outback Steakhouse