Volt Up

By Gabe Goldberg 

Chevy has come out with a brand new hybrid vehicle . They have called this car the Chevy Volt.

The Volt has tons of new features such as electricity. The Volt mostly runs on electricity, but not completely. In the commercial, a man stops at a gas station. There is a kid there who asks why the man is there if he has a Chevy Volt.  The man says that gas will still help him go farther. The joke is that the kid knows that the chevy volt owner has to use the bathroom because he doesn’t need to fill up with gas. Watch the  Chevy Volt Ad

“It is very eco friendly and it is very stylish,” Alex Mirage, a sixth grader said. It is eco friendly because of how little gas it needs.  Simon Rabinowitz, another sixth grader says he would have this car and he wants it in blue. The car comes in many colors. Ishmael Bynum, another sixth grader asked what I thought of the car and all I can say is that is a big improvement for Chevy.

The Chevy Volt is cool and everybody that wants one should Volt Up. Read these impressive Volt Stats from Edmunds.com

95 city/93 highway
300 mile  maximum range
can go between 25-50 miles without a single drop of gas
Around $44,000 for a 4 door hatchback gas/electric hybrid

The Volt has Goodyear 17 – inch wheels. You can get a navigation system adjusted in your dashboard. In a review, John Voelcker said that it doesn’t make any shift sounds. He also said that it “drives like a normal car” and its acceleration from stop is continuous.