GFS: A New 8th Grader’s Experience

by Talia Cieslinsk

An Interview with Meredith Cooney, new 8th grader

1.  How do you like GFS so far?
It’s great, really excited

2.  Where did you go to school before GFS?
I went to Springside

3.  How does GFS compare to your old school? / What are some big changes at GFS?
GFS is far better for me; it fits my personality, which my other school didn’t. There were a lot of big changes; the biggest being that GFS is co-ed and there are no uniforms, which is a bonus.

4.  Was there a particular reason you switched schools?
The girls who attended Springside were becoming a different group of people from when I started.  I like school~ to the extent that school can be liked. GFS students show the same compassion for school as it do.

What is your favorite part of GFS so far?
The people, teachers and students together. Everyone is so nice and welcoming.

About how many people did you know coming into GFS? And how many people do you know now?
When I moved to GFS I didn’t know anybody; now it’s so different. At Springside ,I only had a few friends and here everyone introduces themselves and/or comes up and starts talking to me.

What activities/sports/hobbies/ and subjects are you interested in at GFS?
No one particularly, but the idea of having to move from building to building was particularly appealing.

If your last school had to be an animal what would it be? What animal would GFS be?
Springside would probably be a black cat and GFS would probably be a domestic, sweet cat because cats have 2 sides to them.

What are the differences of GFS’s campus and you old school’s
At GFS, the students move from building to building. At Springside you stay in the same building for the whole day. You don’t walk across campus.

Did your old school have a cafeteria? If it did what was your favorite food there and what is your favorite food at the GFS cafeteria?  
Yes, we had a cafeteria, my favorite food there was probably a sandwich from the deli. I really don’t have a favorite food at GFS yet.  I like to bring my lunch when possible.

What’s your favorite book?
My favorite book is probably “Maximum Ride:School’s Out Forever”

What’s you favorite movie?
I don’t have a favorite movie.

What’s your favorite food?
I don’t have a favorite food.

If you could be an animal what animal would you be?
A cat.

How are your expectations of GFS comparing to what it actually is?
My expectations for GFS were really high and GFS, for the most part “lived” up the to the expectations.