Secrets of ASP

What You Didn’t Know About the After School Program

By Alex Mirage and Layah Taylor

Since several kids attend A.S.P., we decided to get the scoop on whether or not the After School Program is good or not.  First, of course, we interviewed the After School Program’s director, Candi Root.  We asked her several questions relating to After School, and the children in it. She told us “A.S.P. is a safe and fun environment for kids at G.F.S.”

Question: “Is anything new happening to A.S.P.?”

Answer: “We’re thinking about having activities for middle schoolers so then you guys won’t have to sit in the gym. We also have gotten new equipment such as balls, sidewalk chalk, and blocks.”

Question: “Are you thinking about getting any pets?”

Answer: “We thought about getting a fish, but we’ve taken into consideration that if the fish dies the smaller kids could possibly be upset.  That’s out of the question so far as animals with fur are concerned; we can’t have any because some kids are allergic to its fur. Also, reptiles can get too big and we don’t want it getting out of its cage so there’s that problem.”

After that we went to ask the little kids what they thought of after school and how would they rate it on a scale of one to ten.

Nattily: “I like A.S.P. but I wish we could get ice cream on really hot days not just Friday.”

Rating: 5

Luke: “I don’t really like A.S.P. that much.  It’s just okay and I wish we had a bigger gym.”

Rating: 3

Elias: “I love A.S.P.!!  I wouldn’t change one single thing about it! It’s perfect!!”

Rating: 10

So, over all, we think after school is pretty cool.  You get to do activities; they let you do your homework in the library and if you have any you’re able to cook second snack and tons of other stuff too.  The most important thing is that they let you hang out with your friends and basically be your own person while having fun and doing what you want to do all in a safe and happy environment. No matter what the kids at A.S.P. say badly about it technically you still have to go so as I always say might as well make the best out of it and as long as you do that you can have a really good time there.