Teachers: Their Deepest… Darkest… Secrets.

What is your favorite thing about teaching middle school?

 Peter Lai: I get to give my students candy and make them hyper. It’s my evil side.

Bob Lynam: Middle schoolers have a good sense of humor; they’re not too serious. They are open to learning.

Rhonda Levy: The kids.

Aaron Preetam: Unlike Upper School where you teach content, here in Middle School I get to teach process.

Ken Aldridge: The kids. The teachers. They rock.

Adam Hotek: The student’s enthusiasm.

Raegan White: They’re unpredictable.

 What is your least favorite thing about teaching middle school?

 Peter Lai: They eat all my candy. They’re crazy!

 Bob Lynam: Grading papers and tests.

 Rhonda Levy: The kids.

 Aaron Preetam: I plead the fifth.

 Ken Aldridge: Students and adults have a different sense of time. They all take different amounts of time to get from point A to point B.

 Adam Hotek: Classroom management.

 Raegan White: They’re unpredictable.

Describe one of the most embarrassing situations you have gotten into while teaching?

Peter Lai: I was projecting a coordinate grid on the white board, and drawing points on it in red.  I started dancing in front of the white board, saying “lets get the red dot on my face!” moving around trying to get the dot on my face. The dot was written on the white board. It couldn’t get on my face.

Bob Lynam: One day, I forgot to come to class.

Rhonda Levy: I was really tired and rushing one morning, because the seventh grade had a field trip one morning and I had to get to school early. One kid came up to me and said “Rhonda, why are you wearing two different shoes?” I hadn’t even realized my shoes didn’t match and I had to go for the rest of the day like that. 

Aaron Preetam: On my second day of teaching ever, a frantic looking high schooler came into my classroom and told me the school was on fire. I thought he was joking around because the smoke alarm was not going off, so I took my time to organize my students into a line. When I stepped into the hallway, I saw that the hallway was filled with black smoke. I ran for my life, screaming on my way out of the building. It wasn’t until I was outside when I realized I was a teacher, and I had students that needed to be evacuated. I ran back into the building and did all the things I wasn’t supposed to do. I ran around screaming that everyone was going to die, pushing students out the door.

Ken Aldridge: Forgetting a student’s name. When the name is on the tip of your tongue but you just can’t think of it.

Adam Hotek: Mixing up student’s names.

Raegan White: I had a Band-aid on my butt for a whole day.

 If you could paint the walls of your classroom any color, which color would you choose?

 Peter Lai: Yellow. Yellow stimulates the math part of your brain.

 Bob Lynam: Bulletin Boards.

 Rhonda Levy: Lime Green.

Aaron Preetam: I would paint the walls with my students work.

 Ken Aldridge: Light blue.

 Adam Hotek: Tan.

 Raegan White: Yellow. Yellow. Yellow.

 Name one reason why you got in trouble in middle school, because everyone gets in trouble.

 Peter Lai:  I picked up whatever I could find of the ground and stuck it in peoples

hair. I was silly.

 Bob Lynam: Talking to my friends in class and not doing my homework.

 Rhonda Levy: My eighth grade science teacher hit me with a meter stick because I talked to much.

 Aaron Preetam: I did not do my work. I hated middle school. With a passion.

 Ken Aldridge: I got really angry, like REALLY angry, when someone called me a bad name. I almost got in a fight.

 Adam Hotek: I was pretending to be a teacher, and I didn’t know that that teacher was in the room.

 Raegan White: Passing notes.

 What is an embarrassing nickname you were called as a kid?

 Peter Lai: Re-Pete.

 Bob Lynam: I didn’t have one.

 Rhonda Levy: Da. My friends couldn’t make a good nickname for me so they picked Da. As in Rhon-Da.

 Aaron Preetam: Pree.

 Ken Aldridge: Kenny.

 Adam Hotek: Adam and Eve.

 Raegan White: Ronald Raegan.

 What is your favorite word?

 Peter Lai: Asymptote

Bob Lynam: Ergonomic

 Rhonda Levy: Friday

 Aaron Preetam: Cacahuates (peanuts in Spanish)

 Ken Aldridge: Agency

 Adam Hotek: Dude.

Raegan White: Vacation.