The Festival Lives On

By Gabe Goldberg

The Annual Festival of Lights this past December was a great success. All of the acts were incredible and interesting. Janet Kalkstein was running this assembly. Of course, Janet got help setting up the assembly. I’d like to begin this article by thanking the people who took the time to set up this amazing festival.

Two Sixth graders started off the festival with a Christmas song.  After that, the middle school a cappella sang “One Love, One Heart”. They did a good job with that, and the whole middle school clapped along after a while. The Jewish Affinity group then did a Hanukah presentation where they lit the candles. Jewish Affinity Group was followed up by a school sing along. After that there were two ballet performances which were very impressive. A school band named FUZZ finished off the assembly by singing Stereo Hearts by Gym Class Heroes and Feliz Navidad.

Everybody left after a moment of silence and the 2011 Festival Of Lights Assembly had ended. All of the performances were amazing and I bet it got everybody looking forward to a good holiday season.