Little Women Comes Alive in East Falls Production

by Sophy Jarka-Sellers

The play “Little Women” based on the book which Louisa May Alcott wrote (who lived right across from GFS), was recently put on at Tiny Theatre in East Falls. It featured a GFS middle schooler by the name of Jessica Hobbs-Pifer, in one of the starring roles, Amy Curtis March. The play was well acted, I thought. Most of the lines were taken straight out of the book. The play didn’t seem like an interpretation of the book. It more seemed like it was trying to be the book.  I thought the play was good and Jessica did  a phenomenal job acting.

In the book, my two favorite characters were Jo and Beth. In the play, the two who I thought did the best job acting were Meg and Amy. Beth and Jo did good job acting but I thought Meg and Amy did the best acting. All together I liked the show and certainly applauded Jessica’s acting, especially that role because it’s a hard part to play.