Fetterman vs. Gondi

An interview with Jeff Fetterman (teacher), Lily Zukin (current student), and Joseph Block (former student). In the past few years, there has been a sort of “rivalry” between the 6th grade classes of Jeff Fetterman and June Gondi. We recently spoke with Jeff, Lily and June in an effort to get to the bottom of this.

Simon: How long has this been going on?

Jeff: Several years.

Simon: Who will win?

Jeff: We will win with wit (and) without warning.

Simon: Who started it?

Jeff: Maybe us. It originated from June’s fear of snakes.

Simon: Do you think this will continue?

Jeff: As long as I can crawl down the hall and June has a class to interrupt.

Simon: How do you feel about this rivalry?

Lily: I think the rivalry is fun and exciting for both classes.

Simon: How has (the rivalry) affected your friendships.

Lily: I think that (my friendships) are the same, but one person says “Fettermans,” and then sneers.

Simon: Do you feel you could pull a prank on the Gondis?

Lily: One second (to plan) and ba-bam!

Simon: Will the rivalry continue?

Lily: Definitely.

Simon: Were there any major pranks last year?

Joseph: No.

Simon: Will this rivalry continue?

Joseph: No.

We wonder if this really is the end or just the beginning?