Gondi Vs. Fetterman

The Gondi -Fetterman Rivalry: The Gondi’s Cassie Coale
It is clear the Gondis and the Fetterman’ have had a pretty long history of a “friendly” rivalry between the two feuding classes, but Simon and I wanted to find out the story behind the rivalry. So we interviewed the teachers and some students to see how they felt about the feud.


Cassie: How did the rivalry start?

June: It started off my first year.  Jeff came into my class to encourage me. It was a tough year for a new teacher. We wanted to bond the two classes and to have them know each other a little more through their teachers.

It started out so nicely, how did it get competitive?

June: Jeff always made little jokes and funny comments, so I decided it would be fun to come into his class and do the same. So I suppose the jokes made the kids get into “it” too and soon we had a little “war”.

Cassie: Do you think the rivalry will ever end?

June: I don’t think this will ever end; I hope it doesn’t! It is fun to just walk down the hallway and think I wonder if I should disrupt the Fettermans? Also the kids keep this all in fun without getting too personal is good.


Cassie: How would you describe the rivalry?

M (remains unnamed): It’s fun and competitive, but not to the point of being hurtful. It’s a good waste of time.

Why do you think we have a rivalry?

M: I think this is just for fun. I have to admit that the Fetterman’s sometimes can’t accept the simple truth that the Gondi’s are just a step ahead in awesomeness. Yet we want to put that in perspective.

What have you done to make this clear?

We have gone into their classroom and sung a song about how awesome we are.  And we try to ignore them as much as we can when they disrupt us.

Is the feud more between the kids or the teachers?

I think the feuding is more between the kids because they don’t have to work together like the teacher’s do.

There you have it. I think as a Gondi class member, I can objectively say that we are pretty great. And even though we have a history of trying to annoy each other, we get along pretty well.