The Winter Season

We are all experiencing the painful chills of winter at the moment. The students want snow. Everyone is coming into school wearing many, MANY layers. I for one am an extremist. When its gets slightly cold, I’m bringing out the hats, coats and gloves for 50 degree weather. I wear sweatpants over my jeans and old college sweatshirts that are surprisingly warm. Every time I go outside I come in with red cheeks and a red nose, my friends used to kid me that I would turn into Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer when I went outside. When the sun does come out, if I’m outside, I find a patch of it and lay there. Sadly, laying there only makes me colder though.

The winter sun’s a grumpy guy.
He scarcely gets to see the sky.
He doesn’t speak. His rays are weak.
His disposition’s grim and bleak.
He hovers near the naked trees,
His blanket from the sky’s big freeze,
And barely dares to lift his head
Before he’s ordered back to bed.

-Douglas Florian (Winter Sun)

Worst Case Scenario for this Winter season? Imagine going on a “ski” trip and there isn’t any snow. That is what happened to my family over winter break. My grandmother has a house near a small mountain, so my family packed all our ski equipment in the car and went on a four-hour drive. Getting out of the car, it felt like it was 10 degrees outside. The house my grandmother owned was a barn converted to a house, so the walls are thin, meaning that the cold comes in faster. Then my parents couldn’t find the heat in the house, so I froze every night. When you go skiing, you have to get up early for two reasons. One, if you buy an expensive ski ticket, you want to get the maximum amount of skiing in before the day is over and two, you have to get a good table in the lodge. So my family wakes up at 6:30 and we reach the mountain at 7:45 am. We got there and found out they haven’t had any snow and can barely cover EIGHT out of TWENTY FIVE trails. This means that it was exceedingly icy. Also when I was trying to avoid the ice I was skiing in grass and mud. I skied the eight trails within the first four hours out on the mountain. The next day it was supposed to rain, but it didn’t and my family had woken up too late to ski.

So when you go to a ski resort/area, check the weather and/or mountain ahead of time to see how much snow they have received and make sure that you turn on the heat in the lodging you are staying in, also don’t attempt to ski through mud and grass, it doesn’t work.