Dick Wade Retires

As many of you know, Richard L. Wade, commonly known as Dick Wade, the head of school, is retiring in two years. He has been in position for twenty years. Dick has been part of the GFS community in many levels, including welcoming new students and their families, assisting with big decisions and helping everyone in the school. He also spent time teaching 7th grade history last school year. Dick is has been a wonderful part of the GFS community and an amazing head of school. He will continue to be until he retires.

Why are you leaving GFS?
What motivated this decision?
Because the 7th grade history class is off the wall.
Because it’s time in my life. I’m turning 65, my wife and I have been talking about it for a number of years.
20 years is a long time for the school to have one head, one set of eyes.What do you plan to do with all this free time?
Travel. Spend time in Philadelphia, volunteering and helping out. Going to Virginia to visit family.How do you plan to stay a part of the community?
Read and pay attention. Visit if invited. Keep up with the faculty and stay in touch from a distance, but not be visibly present to respect the new head.How long have you known you were going to leave?
A number of years, vaguely that idea. Formally a year ago with the school committee.

What do you do as head of school?
Represent the school to the outside world, to alumni, new families and to the neighbors. Spokesperson for the school, a cheerleader for the school, for the students and faculty. Offer advice and support to other leaders in the school. Make the students feel valued. And raise money. The school takes a lot of money to run.

What are the best and worst parts of your job?
Best: See a variety of people doing a variety of things, from kindergarten to A Capella fests to sports events. A variety of issues I get to deal with, from what kind of roof for the Sharpless building, to Owen in class. A wonderful range.
Worst: Tedious, routine things. Things I gotta do, that are part of the job but that I don’t always want to do. When there is sadness in the school, the death of a family member, it is hard.

What is the most special part of GFS?
In a simple sense, Meeting for Worship. The community is gathered. GFS flies, it’s busy. It’s like when you’re on a trip going so fast that you forget to look at the scenery. Meeting for Worship makes you stop and look around, you look around and see everyone.

Is there anything else?
Owen and Elizabeth are great.
Last year, teaching history, was one of the best things I’ve done.

Dick Wade has made too many contributions to count. He has led our school unbelievably well and has been an amazing representer of our school. He has made GFS look positive in all ways. That is why we are all so thankful.

Dick Wade, we at the Corner thank you for a great 20 years as our head of school.