Top Ten Worst Movies of All Time

by Simon Rabinowitz., Gabe Goldberg and Alex Mirage

There have been thousands of movies that have been considered undesirable or just plain horrible. Here is a list of the top ten that we feel should not have been made.

  1. Shorts. This movie is pretty much a 1st graders CGI computer camp project. Most movies should have an, at least, loosely defined plot, but not shorts. This movie actually has its own genre and standards.
  2. Drive. I really liked the first half hour. But they got their hands on 17 gallons of fake blood and didn’t want to waste it. They couldn’t afford to buy Ryan Gosling a new jacket, so throughout the movie it becomes extremely bloody. Not only does he curb stomps a guy, he also can transform from a criminal driver, to a mass assassin, to a completely good guy. Don’t even get me started on the acting. They say an average of 10 words an hour.
  3. The Last Airbender Movie. This stunk. M. Night Shyamalan never actually watched, or even read a plot summary for the original T.V. show. I can barely even look at any of the characters from the original. Nice try, M. Night, but please no more failed reboots.
  4. Home Alone 4. I don’t remember much from this movie. Mostly because there was no acting talent. It looked like a last minute presentation of how to fend off a burglary. I mean who is this actor; he has been in one other movie and a couple episodes of random T.V. shows.
  5. Open Season 3. I couldn’t even finish the trailer.
  6. Dinner for Schmucks. Steve Carell wasn’t ‘funny’ just extremely annoying. He plays with dead mice? He thinks Nelson Mandela is Morgan Freeman? And did the creators even try to Google the word schmuck (do not Google the word schmuck)?
  7. Shrek Forever After. They tried to incorporate life lessons and animation. Rumpelstilsken looks like Sarah Jessica Parker.
  8. Never Say Never. It makes the Biebs look like a total cocky, stuck up, Canadian kid.
  9. Hangover Part II. The jokes were hilarious. Unfortunately, they can’t come up with a different plot from the original movie with a bachelor party. And why did they make the mistake of getting married twice? Sorry Stew. You shouldn’t have to go through that (if you haven’t seen this movie, don’t. There is no reason why you should).
  10. Coraline. A. It was insanely scary. B. They tried to rip out eyeballs and sew buttons in the person’s eye. C. It was just all out weird. D. It had Emo cats (watch the trailer and you will see).