Comic Represenation

If You Could be Eighteen…

Comic Represenation
~original art by Cassie Coale


You always want what you can’t have.

This is a phrase you have most probably heard at least once. The thing is, it is entirely true. I remember wanting Summer to hurry up, and then groaning that Winter wasn’t here once it arrived. People in general, are always wanting to be something different. Taller, prettier/handsome, more athletic, the list goes on and on. We are always striving to be better, to evolve, and around our age, everyone wishes they were something they are not. In our case, older. The question is, if in fact we were older, what would we actually do? Talia C. and I asked this question, and we both knew immediately we had to find out. And so, after awkwardly walking around GFS during activities, we came up with multiple interviews.

Me:            So what would you do if you could be eighteen for a day?:

Caroline:            Drive, go to Harvard, get a credit card from my mom’s account, swim in the adult only section at the pool.

Marion:            Drive, hang out with my friends, get a job, and free periods to do more things.

Simon:                        Rob a bank, and use the money to buy a Toys-R-Us

Anonymous:             I would jump onto the back of a truck and go to Mexico.

Moxie:                        I would wreck my parent’s car, then go to a club, then I would buy stuff.

Sam:                        Get a drivers license, and go to a high school party.

Basically you can see the common wishes of a Middle schooler. Driving and doing things against our parent’s ideas are on the top of our list. So being older for a day is obviously appealing.