Running vs. Walking in the Rain

Talia + Cassie

Picture yourself in the rain. You have to go from the Sharpless building to the Smith Gym. How would you choose to get there? This has been a huge debate in our 6th grade class. Some of us think that to run through the rain will result in being much dryer. Others believe that when walking through the rain will somehow “dodge” the raindrops. Cassie and I decided to get to the bottom of this mystery one rainy day.

I thought that walking in the rain would result in a dryer outcome, but Cassie thought that running through the rain would decrease the time in the rain, therefore resulting in a dryer outcome. At first Cassie ran from the doors of the sharpless to the trash cans in the court yard out side with a piece of dark blue paper above her head. I did the same, but I was walking. After a couple of try’s we got our finished result. I was disappointed to find out, that Cassie’s paper had less water on it than mine. We went back to research and found some surprising news. Cassie and I both were smacking our foreheads because we didn’t realize it sooner. Can you spot why Cassie might have an advantage?

Cassie was running right into the rain, therefore having all the rain hit her stomach, not her head. Where as, since I was walking slowly the rain came down on my head. We did the test again, with our pieces of paper held in front of our stomachs. This time the results were different; they were just as we predicted.

So weather you run or walk in the rain, you have a chance of getting as equally wet, it just depends if you want a wet head or wet clothes. I will try my best to stay out of the rain, because neither are very appealing to me.