The Middle School Food Chain

on  Sixth Grade by Cassie Coale and Talia Cieslinski

The First Trimester
“Welcome to the fish tank”

In the first trimester of sixth grade, we learned about the Middle School food chain. The sixth graders are the goldfish; the eighth graders are the big scary humans who are blessed with a functioning brain and eyes on the same side of their head to stare at us with.  The seventh graders are a little like a school of small overconfident sharks. For the first few weeks, we would walk the hallways in silence, in fear of being heard.  With the camping trip under our small, worthless sleeves, we became a tad more confident, amongst the “Big Kids”.  The schoolwork was bearable and the Middle School way of life actually became livable.

The Second Trimester,
“The long days of winter Purgatory”

The way our wonderful school system works, there must be some middle. Not quite the worst thing out there, but pretty close. During the second trimester, we no longer get the benefit of the small and innocent new ones, and having just one teacher all the time gets tiring. I am convinced that the second trimester was at least twice as long as the first.

The Third Trimester
“The fast and furious”

If the second trimester was long and slow, the third one beat the sound barrier. As enjoyable as it was to be able to finally switch classes and stretch your legs, it was soon obvious that things went at the speed of light in the third trimester.  Projects were due on the day after they were started; you no longer had a convenient desk to store your crap (excuse us supplies), and you actually had to learn your locker combination! At first it seemed homework became less and less, but we were soon proved wrong by projects that were doled out like a deck of cards. Our advice to future third trimester sixth graders: of all the things you will need in middle school, time is most valuable. Use it wisely!

Our view of sixth grade may not match up with other people’s, but  it is the most accurate one we could think of. We know the consequences of procrastinating and doing things a bit too late. Learn from our mistakes and you’ll have a wonderful sixth grade experience… if not, your loss.