Writing is the Soul on Paper

In our current society (speaking, of course, to the average GFS student), we the people tend to use words an awful lot. To describe the enormity of how much we depend on words would be quite difficult, but in short, our entire lifestyle is, to some extent, based around words, speech and language. As such, each and every one of us has been taught to use words comprehensibly, so that when we move out on our own and start our own independent lives, we can use the words we have been taught properly and effectively in order to make the necessary advancements that are also part of our society.

 Some people can do this, but nothing more, but there are some, in nearly every community we are part of, who have learned to not only use their words but craft them into the delicate balance between power and weakness, between love and hate, between life and death, that is commonly referred to as “writing.” These people are the authors.The authors can write stories, even just sentences that we can read, and simply look at and say, “Wow, how do they do that?” But in reality, this talent is not so far away. What every aspiring author (a very worthy aspiration, by the way) gets stuck on, is initiating the thought process that allows the human mind to project the otherworldly thoughts we have onto paper.

Now, think back to the writers’ assembly in April. Some who presented their works are known for their writing prestige, but there were some who shared masterpieces, works of art that seemed to come out of nowhere. This year’s writers’ assembly, this one more than any other I’ve seen, showcased people who were new to the world of writing, and yet were able to display a certain mastery over their words, the kind of mastery that writers aspire to wield.

            Take heed, Middle School! In this day and age, writing can be one of the most valuable skills for the self, to record human thoughts and to share them with the world. Writing can help one get to know oneself, for, in the words of Mary T. Lane, “Writing is the soul on paper.” Writing follows no laws, no bounds, only the true essence of the writer. Give it a try.