Ready…Set…Time Warp!

Ready…Set…Time Warp! The audience on the crowded risers shouts at the top of their lungs. Lights flash and the contestant is pulled through the “Time Warper”, a time traveling machine. This is the eighth grade musical.
Warp back 2 months now; it all started in a choir room in the Main Building. It was the first rehearsal and our first day of the 8th Grade Musical project time. We all knew what it was, a mandatory several months of working on a musical. We remembered the past years performances, would we be able to do as well? We also knew it would take some work and we didn’t know if all of us would be able to focus on it. Our first day we met the directors; Anne, Heath, Teri, Carla. It was they who introduced us to the idea of time changing.
Over the next few weeks, we worked every Wednesday for two periods (1 hour, 30 minutes), learning and practicing a variety of different songs from all different times of history. Some people went to singing auditions to get singing roles. Eventually, we moved to the Poley and started to practice there. It was on this rather large (at least it seemed so) stage where we would actually be performing. This is when we started to really get going. We worked harder in rehearsals, worked on the solo parts, planned costumes, stage position and lighting. Later on we even started to rehearse after school (snacks provided).
And before we knew it, it was the week of the performance, performances to be more specific. It was possibly the most hectic week of the school year. On the Monday before the performances, we spent half of the school day working on the musical. This was our dress rehearsal. Although we managed to get through everything, there was quite of bit of disruption, most likely due to the fact that we are all 13-14 and were focusing on rehearsing for the past few hours.
This brings us back to the performance. We are five minutes in and the first contestant has time warped to the great ship Titanic. Complete with funny amusing dialogue and well sung songs, the 2012 8th Grade Musical was a success. We had gotten through all of the long practices and hard work. Parents congratulated us, complimented us and took lots of pictures. Most of us would say we felt proud.
If there was any advice I would give to the current 7th grade, it would be to take a risk, take a chance, try out for a solo, give your ideas, and make the musical yours. Good luck.