Just Lounging Around!

Walk through the doors of the Sharpless, and walk up the stairs to your right. To your left you will see a sitting area; go to it. Where are you?

That’s the question a lot of students have been asking recently. Is the Lounge called “the Eighth Grade Lounge” or “the Middle School Lounge” and who is it for? I talked with Principal, Ken Aldridge to see if I could get some of these answers. (Details of my talk with Ken will follow later in the article).

A couple weeks ago, there was a lounge incident that caused more than just a little debate.  Let’s just say for now that when the seventh graders refused to leave the “eight grade lounge” even when the eighth graders told them to, things got…  uhh messy.

It went down something like this: “So do you wanna like get out of the lounge now?”  snarked an eighth grade boy, as the unintended revolution began. This time, unlike in Harry Potter or The Hunger Games when the underdog child wins against all odds to break out of the mold and beat the powers that be to win the revolution, we,  the seventh graders, lost. So as the seventh graders left in defeat, eight graders once again assumed their rightful place on their so-called throne. Wel, I guess it only makes sense.  Where else would the Kings and Queens of the Middle School watch as their rightful subjects walk through the doors, and enter the kingdom of discreet power.

But hey, when sticking up for themselves failed, the seventh graders did what any other seventh graders would do. TELL. Thanks to Tom Levy, the eighth graders got the message. But then promptly forgot and/or ignored it. So that’s when I decided to go talk to Ken to get his opinion on who the lounge should belong to.

Here are some of the basics I found out during my interview with Ken. The lounge was created in 1997 when the Middle School was created; its official name is, “The Middle School Lounge”. Some seventh graders a while ago asked Ken to remind the eighth graders what the name of the lounge was and some faculty have also had some complaints about it.

As for Ken’s opinion of who should be allowed on the throne of the Middle School, he thinks that it should belong to the Middle School, because that’s who it was intended for. Between study sessions and group projects, private meetings with teachers, all grades actually do use the lounge during the day. As I found out from Ken, it’s just in the morning that it’s exclusively eighth graders . Ken stated that throughout the day “I really get to see how it’s used by all three grades.”

From exchanging crayons in first period to precious novels in seventh, sharing is a part of life. If you have any ideas of how we can share the lounge, email them to me at thecorner@gfsnet.org

~Photo by Rhonda Levy