Everything You Wanted to Know About Kate Jones But Were Too Afraid To Ask

Kate Jones, New Middle School Math Teacher

Unless you’re dead or are in a candy coma, you probably have noticed that we have a new eighth grade math teacher who also happens to be a seventh grade math teacher, and now that you know that she’s here, let’s find out a little more about her.

Kate Jones has previously taught math at Mariana Bracetti, a charter school, and PS 138 in New York (where the public schools are numbers, yikes). Her favorite color is green and sometimes orange, and she especially likes them together, big surprise there. Her favorite movie is The Never Ending Story, which came out when she was a kid, and I haven’t heard about it so I guess it did end. Her favorite actor is Helena Bonham Carter. Kate loves her versatility—how Bonham-Carter can be Bellatrix in one movie, Queen Elizabeth in another and in the next the evil Queen of Hearts. Her favorite book is Harry Potter, her favorite food Thai curry, and her favorite holiday Thanksgiving. (Her family celebrates it on Saturday because her brother has Thanksgiving with his wife and she has Thanksgiving with her fiance.)

The best project she has ever done with a class was one involving proportions. Kate had her students measure the different parts of their body and then she had them leave footprints on the classroom floor. They had to figure out whose footprint was whose, based on the proportions of their bodies. Another of her favorite projects was when her class was studying slope interception, and she had her class run the length of a football field, at a constant rate of change.

I hope some of your questions about Kate have been answered, but as I also learned from my interview with Kate, she’s not that scary, so she will probably accept any other questions that you might have been too afraid to ask. Just drop by  S-1 by and have a chat.

~Photos courtesy of Will Terry and GFS Advancement Office