Magic is in the air!

The holiday season has arrived; the season where there are little boys and girls being extra good just to get something they wanted, instead of coal in their stockings. This is the season when there is generally lots of talk about magic going around. Now, magic is a debatable topic for some people. Whether you believe in it or not is certainly your choice. Some people say magic is real, some say it isn’t.

But think about all the holiday specials depicting flying reindeer, elves and Santa Claus. Many of these holiday specials have one common theme: magic.  Why does the need to believe in magic seem so important at this time of year? Perhaps the whole magic concept was just a scheme to get children to be good. Maybe this a reason behind this ideas of seasonal magic. If you think about it, magic is a way to make sure that at least during the holiday season people (mostly children) are on their best behavior. If they get something good in return for being on their best behavior, if that is what it takes for people to be on their best behavior then, why not? Religion may also influence your opinion about magic.  Do you believe in the miracle of  the birth of Christ or one drop of oil burning for eight nights? Maybe magic just helps people be more imaginative. Maybe it just makes the holidays seem a little more special.

Whatever the reason, belief in the magic of the holidays means seeing the possibilities in something, believing in something that seems impossible. Will some people be disappointed when they find that what they thought was magical as children is not actually real?  Perhaps? But would they trade the wonderful feelings they had when they still believed in magic?  Probably not.

Perhaps one type of magic that we can all believe in is the magic of being with your family and friends for the holidays or just seeing the excitement in a child’s eyes about the season or maybe for you magic is just not finding coal in your stocking this year.