The Holiday Season: Where NOT to Go

The holiday season: the time to receive presents, meet family, and wait all night for Santa to come. But sometimes, you want to “get away from it all”, and enjoy a relaxing vacation. We WERE going to give you the places that you should go, but there are so many locations, it would be better to list the places that you shouldn’t  go!For one, going to an outdoor water park in the middle of December may not be the brightest idea ever. However, you’ll have a blast sledding down the slides. Just don’t go on the curly ones. But if you absolutely HAVE to go to a water park, you really should go to an indoor water park, where there is actual water, and ways to contact the hospital.

The Arctic would not be a good choice, either, considering the travel prices would be ENORMOUS, and the neighbors are not exactly friendly. Not to mention the incredible cold that has frozen many other vacationers. But it’s all worth it to meet Santa, right?

Ah, the beach. You can play in the sand with friends, go surfing, and eat sand-filled sandwiches. In the summer. In the summer you can do all these things at the beach. Unfortunately, winter on the beach could find you JUST a bit cold wearing only a pair of swim trunks. You might also be slipping and sliding instead of swimming and snorkeling.

The moon would not be a good place to vacation during the winter. Or any other time, really. The cold vacuum of space would most likely freeze you to death, regardless of the season. Also, you may possibly choke to death from lack of air. Just a small deterrent. That astronaut suit that’s been lying around in your closet for years would be a good thing to bring if you DON’T want to suffocate. You might have to bring a bigger suitcase, though because those astronaut suits really take up a lot of space! (Side note: If you do have to bring a lot of baggage along American Spacelines would be a good choice [Baggage is free of charge!].

So, in total, do not go to these places during the holiday season. Ever. They could involve death by starvation, freezing, suffocating, and possibly getting murdered by Santa. Who knows who the guy REALLY is.

~ By Zach Love and Sam Istvan