What to Write on Your Holiday Candy Gram

The tradition of the candy grams strikes Middle School once again this holiday season. Did Joe give one to Sally? Or did Sally give one to Joe? Did Ruth get one from the teachers? Did the BFFLs in your homeroom give them to each other? But most importantly, what did it say? For those of you who don’t know, candy grams are the legendary Graffiti biannual fundraiser, where you can send a card and candy cane to anyone in the middle school, and Graffiti will deliver it to that person.

There’s usually a TO space, where you can write the name of whoeever your holiday message will go to, and a FROM space, where you can leave your name or the just anonymous or guess who? Then there’s the HOMEROOM, where you write the homeroom of the recipient—which from personal experience, is a pain in the butt if people put “?????”  Then the problematic _______________ , where you are free to put a personal message. Well, all your candy gram problems will be solved today.  Here’s what we recommend you write to each type of person on your candy gram list:

FRIENDS: A nice “have a good holiday” would be nice, or if you have an inside joke that would confuse the Graffiti staff who make sure to read all of them.

TEACHER: It’s nice to show your appreciation for a teacher by sending them a candy gram. A word of advice: when sending one to a teacher it might be better to have a couple friends sign it too; that way the “I love you!” that I know you’re all dying to say to your teachers, will be turned into the much less awkward “We love you!”  If all your friends are too preoccupied with their own candy gram needs, an “I hope your holidays are nice!” works too.

ANYONE AND EVERYONE WHO ASKED: You might want to be careful with this one, because if they’re specifically asking for one, they probably aren’t going to be getting a lot themselves. So be nice!! Don’t say, “Hi” or “Hey” because it will be so obvious that you don’t give a crap…at all. Just settle with one of the below:

  • “Have an awesome holiday!” cause then they will think you care
  • “You’re really awesome!” because if they’re asking you to give them a candy gram they probably need an ego boost
  • “I hope your winter break is fun!” That’s always a good one to have up your sleeve if everything else fails

THAT SPECIAL SOMEONE: So it really depends if you will be receiving one from them also. If you aren’t it may be easier to write “I like you” from anonymous. This is good if you’re too shy to tell them who you are, but not how you feel. This way it gives them a notice that even if it doesn’t seem it, there’s someone out there who likes them. It also benefits you because once they start thinking about who it is, they will start imagining who they want it to be, then whoever it is will automatically fit the mold in their mind. If you’re one of those people who want to give an all out confession, then that’s what you should give. Not just a dinky “I like you <3” no, not for someone that brave, if this is you, you should go with, “I really like you and this is why,  _____________ (fill in the blank) I know you might not like me back but I had to let you know” then sign your name REALLY NEATLY! That always makes people think the best of you whether they like you or not.

If you’re one of those love birds who are expecting one back, it’s a bit harder to find a suitable message. By “a bit” I mean a LOT. You don’t want to be too forward with a whole “Roses are red” thing but you also don’t want to give an “anyone who asks” kind of message either, because then it would be awkward if they write a “Roses are red” kind to you. So if I were you, I would go with the “I’ll really miss you over winter break!” then sign it with some inside joke, or just “<3<3<3”.

I hope this helps with any candy gram uncertainty that you might have. Have a great holiday!

P.S. The space they give you to write in is NOT mandatory, or realistic, so don’t freak out when you see the massive blank space they give you. You don’t have to fill it all up!