Best and Worst Holiday Gifts

Have you ever celebrated a holiday, any holiday, especially a winter holiday considering that winter and snow and gifts are the only things that makes winter semi-bearable? Have you ever been super disappointed with your gifts or super happy because you got exactly what you wanted? Well, we did a survey about the best and worst gifts people have gotten just so that you know that your holiday season won’t be the best or the worst.

The worst of the worst: Some of the worst gifts people have ever gotten are actually pretty bizarre. One gift is smelly underwear from one person’s aunt. Imagine waking up on holiday-gift-giving morning and seeing a beautifully wrapped present. Then you excitedly open it only to find your aunt’s used underwear. That would be horrible, but not as bad as getting nothing more than a mere used tissue from your beloved big brother. You can’t even throw it out because then you would have to touch it. All you can do is look at in disgust. It doesn’t get much worse than that. Now, I want you to imagine if you were in 6th grade and you’re unwrapping your present as fast as you can, your hands are shaking with joyfulness, and you get a college level book on King Tut. As much as we all love college, we like the idea of waiting a few more years before we get college level books, but thanks anyway.

The best of the best: The best gifts people have gotten are pretty typical. I mean doesn’t everybody wake up on holiday-gift-giving morning and receive a saddle for an imaginary horse and doesn’t everybody have an inner obsession with Toy Story so they receive a toy story coloring book when they’re in 7h grade?  Now, when you wake up on holiday-gift-giving morning, and you’re thinking very hard about what you’re going to get, I want you to think of things like iPods, Kindles, laptops, flip cameras and boots, but don’t be all that surprised if instead you got a smelly, mold encrusted sock from your uncle. You might even catch yourself singing “All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth, my two front teeth” by Donald Yetter Gardner.

Here’s hoping you get the gifts you want!

~ by Sophie Quaglia and Alex Pear

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