Five Funniest Holiday Movies Ever

Every year since movies have been around, holiday specials on TV and movies based on holidays have been made: Some funny, some serious, and some animated. In our esteemed opinions, here are the top five funniest Christmas or winter holiday movies or TV specials ever made.

  1. Home Alone:  An extremely                                                                                                                funny movie that is appropriate for the whole family. Almost every child can relate to the joys and fears of being left home alone. It is a movie about a young boy who is accidentally left at home by his parents.  His parents went far away on vacation and couldn’t get back to him.  While he was home alone, two robbers attempt to rob his house.  The young boy defends his house with booby traps and creative solutions to prevent the robbers from hurting him or his house.  Ultimately, his family is able to get back home in time to see the robbers getting arrested.  Overall, it is a very funny and entertaining movie.
  2.  Elf :Will Ferrell “kills it” as Buddy the Elf, a human baby who was raised by Santa at the North Pole. When he grows taller than the average elf, his past is revealed to him and he journeys to New York to find his real family. As you might imagine, New York is not like the North Pole in the slightest. Both children and adults can’t help laughing as they watch Buddy unmask a mall Santa, get into a massive snowball fight in Central Park, and answer his real dad’s phone with “Buddy the Elf, what’s your favorite color?”
  3.  Eight Crazy Nights : A movie about an alcoholic named Davey Stone (Adam Sandler) whose parents died when he was young. At some points this movie can be funny.  This is a good holiday movie because it is a humorous movie about a Jewish person around the time of Hanukah. I recommend seeing Eight Crazy Nights because it shows how emotions can change you. Also, Adam Sandler is in it, which makes it automatically hilarious. This is a movie that I like to label as “stupid but funny”. I call it stupid because there are some pointless parts in this movie. I label it funny because it just is. I also recommend this movie for children ages 11 and up.
  4.  Rugrats Chanukah:   A hilarious TV special about the true meaning of Chanukah.This special is fun for the whole family as it is complete with morals and friendship plus  a dash of humor. Tommy’s grandfather, Boris, is staring as Judah Maccabee in a local production of the story of Chanukah. But his old childhood nemesis, Shlomo, is starring as King Antiochus. Tommy, Chucky, Phil and Lil, must stop the ‘Chanukah Meany’, before he doesn’t play nice with grandfather Boris.
  5. Charlie Brown Christmas :  The most serious Christmas movie on our  list, Charlie Brown is feeling depressed and is told he ‘doesn’t participate’ in Christmas enough. Lucy decides that Charlie should direct the local Christmas Play. But when everything goes wrong, he must listen to Linus’s voice on the true meaning of Christmas. Without any commercialism.

by Simon Rabinowitz, Alex Mirage, Gabe Goldberg and Graham Arms