…And the Curtain Goes Up!


The Nutcracker
The Nutcracker

Did you know that GFS has dancers in our midst? Many of our GFS students are talented dancers. As a matter of fact, soon, these ballerinas will be performing in a well-known performance this holiday season, the Nutcracker. One of our seventh grade dancers, Olivia Wells, has a few comments about her upcoming show. Olivia dances with the Philadelphia Dance Theatre, which will be hosting their very own performance of the Nutcracker. (Others who dance with the Philadelphia Dance Theater are: Lila Kushner, Eve Lukens-Day, and Zoe Osborne.) If you have seen many different shows of the Nutcracker, you will know that there is much controversy about whether the lead girl is named Marie or Clara. For example, in the Pennsylvania Ballet’s version of the Nutcracker, the lead girl is named Marie. However, in the Philadelphia Dance Theatre’s show, the lead girl is Clara. Olivia comments on the 6th anniversary of her participation in the Nutcracker, yet this will be her second time with Philadelphia Dance Theatre. Unlike the original ballet, Philadelphia Dance Theatre’s performance will be set in Philadelphia.

The lead dancers of this performance are around ages 15-17, so our middle schoolers at GFS won’t be the Sugar Plum Fairy anytime soon. But who knows? Later in life, these talented students may find their future leading them to be ballerinas. One former Middle Schooler is current junior Kara Pride.  Kara is now starring in the title role of Clara with the Donetsk Ballet of Ukraine. However, for  this year Nutcracker will feature our friends as Party Girls on pointe, Mice, Snow, Tea, and Candy Canes. How exciting! Congratulations to our skillful students and a Happy Nutcracker! Hope to see you all at the performances!

(Other performers in the Nutcracker this year are sixth graders: Kathryn Bruttomesso-Clarke, Maggie Mushi, and Julia Tanier.)

To buy tickets for the performances, go to http://www.philadancetheatre.org/Home.html

Feature Photo by Will Terry, Dec. 2011