Winter Fashion: How to look great and not freeze!

As the temperature drops to the low forties, you may find yourself staring into your drawer or closet wondering “what will I wear today” or “how do I keep warm without buying woolen pants?” The first thing to recognize  winter fashion is that while personal style is important, not catching pneumonia takes precedence.

If you are of the feminine inclination, several pairs of non-distressed jeans are in order. Make sure they are the ones that have actual denim as opposed to ultra-thin jeggings (that are no doubt styling, but they will not keep you warm). Next, it is best to make sure you have sweaters and jackets that you will actually wear; maybe having about five in total, so you have one for every day of the school week. The new thing is over sized and baggy loose-knit sweaters that can be worn over leggings, or skinny jeans (usually paired with a pair of boots). Speaking of boots, the new over-the-knee boot has become incredibly popular in the last several months.

Pants are great, but if you want to mix it up with a couple skirts there are several things to keep in mind. Firstly, recycling summer skirts with a winter sweater is totally cool and adds a bright splash of color to your wardrobe. To make sure you do not catch the aforementioned pneumonia you should probably pair this skirt with some leggings or tights. During the winter, sweater-tights are a really valuable part of a wardrobe. Though not everybody likes them you can get them in all different knits, colors and designs. If you want to go a bit more formal with you tights you can go for a sheer tight with a design on the back, which spices up any outfit.

Since the fashion industry is really just a cycle, a flashback from the eighties, leg warmers, have reentered the scene. There are a million different kinds to choose from, but the most traditional are the thick-knit and slouchy, as well as, the thick but tight leg warmers to be worn under boots.

If you are of the masculine inclination, several pairs of good jeans are in order as well. Also, layers are critical – do not go to a cold place with a down coat layered over a cotton t shirt; that is a recipe for a cold. A good jacket is in order and (possibly) a sweater, though I hesitate to say that because good men’s sweaters can be hard to find. Also, no matter what gender you are a good pair of corduroy pants are always warm and fashion-forward during the winter. Leather jackets have dominated the runway for both males and females this season. But the design for men’s jackets has become more tailored over the years and less like the slouchy bad-boy version we are all used to. Finally, winter shoes should be whatever style you like just with enough support to walk on icy places and thick enough that your toes will not get frostbite (and fall off).

Hopefully this has been somewhat helpful and you will go into winter warm, cozy and fashionable.