Andy Reid Era: The Real Problem(s)

There’s been lots of talk about Andy Reid ruining chances for the Eagles. I, for one, don’t believe a word of it. I don’t think it was actually Andy Reid who caused problems from the Reid-era Eagles. Nor do I think Micheal Vick was the cause. I believe that that the problems stemmed not from an individual player or coach but from the absolute failure of the “dream team” and the failure to get Eagles running back, Le Sean McCoy, paired up with a good defense.”

QB/RB Combination   (yrs.) OSRS DSRS W/L%
Vick/McCoy           3 1.06 -2.7 45.8%
Vick/McCoy “dream team” 2 -1.1 -0.95 37.5%
Vick/McCoy 2010 5.4 -1.2 62.5%
McNabb/McCoy   1 5.8 0.2 68.8%
McNabb/Westbrook 6 2.05 1.96 58.3%
McNabb/Staley    3 2.13 4.23 70.8%
Pederson/Staley 1 -3.3 -0.9 31.3%

The table above is the stats that I have gathered and then used to make my thesis statement stated in the first paragraph.  I have separated the categories by quarterback and running back combination. OSRS stands for Offensive Simple Rating System, which really isn’t all that simple as I found the formula, spent five seconds staring at it with a confused expression on my face, and then clicked out of it wondering what kind of person would have the time to actually make such a formula. Anyhow, OSRS is what I’m going to use to evaluate the overall performance of an offense. On the flip side, DSRS (Defensive Simple Rating System) is what I’ll use to evaluate the overall performance of a defense.

Let’s get into the explanation for my thesis. I believe that the main reason the Andy Reid era came to an end was because of the failure of the “dream team” that was formed in the offseason two years ago, and was supposed to be the team that won the Eagles first Super Bowl. Unfortunately the dream team turned out to be more like the “nightmare team” failing to win more than they lost in both seasons. I blame this failure on bad team chemistry. Anyhow, This, it seemed, was the last straw for Andy Reid, as he was sent packing this offseason. But, this explains only the start of my thesis as there were many more straws lost before the last one.

The other failure, in my opinion, was the failure to gather a successful defense to go along with LeSean McCoy. McCoy is a great running back. Before the “nightmare team” McCoy had spent two seasons in Philly as the starting running back and the OSRS for those two seasons were 5.8 and 5.4, the highest of any running back quarter back combination in the Reid era. The seasons were split between Vick and McNabb leading me to believe that there wasn’t a great difference between Vick and McNabb in terms of the impact they had on the offense. I also believe that Vick is a great quarterback just as McNabb was, and that Vick is misjudged as bad because of the nightmare team he had to deal with his last two years in Philly despite his great 2010 (not with the nightmare team). Anyhow, the two years that McCoy was starting and not with the nightmare team, the DSRS was -1.2 and 0.2. If those numbers were higher in any or both of the two years, like what they were with McNabb/Staley (4.23) I believe that the Eagles would have a Super Bowl trophy.

The reasons stated above are precisely why I am taking the blame off of Reid and Vick’s shoulders and placing it on the nightmare team and there nightmarish team chemistry as well as the Eagles GM’s failure to put McCoy and a great defense on the same team. Your welcome, reader, now I have given you a completely new perspective on the Andy Reid era and its real problems.

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