A Chance For the Phillies?

delmon-young-philliesWill the Phillies do well this season? Well first, we have look back at their 2012 season.  They had an unfortunate season not making it to the playoffs. Howard tore his Achilles tendon and didn’t get back into the lineup until July. This was a big loss for the Phillies, for Howard is the true leader of the Phillies and he is also one of their greatest power hitters.  Also, with Victorino now on the Dodgers and Pence on the Giants, the Phils chances to make he playoffs  this year could be viewed as poor.  Luckily, the Phillies did get a new right  fielder, Delmon Young. Delmon Young came from the Tigers.  The Phillies signed him to a one-year, 750,000 contract. “The Phillies see  me getting to the big leagues the quickest out of the bullpen … I ended up dominating  in Reading and Clearwater”, he says. Will Delmon Young be enough to get the Phillies to the playoffs this year? I guess we will just have to wait and see.