Subway Surfers

There are plenty of new apps that you can get for your iPhone, iPod, or iPad. One of those games is Subway Surfers. This game is the type of game that is addicting and hard to stop playing. There are multiple characters in the game and one thing they can all do is surf. However, they aren’t on water. In this game the characters aren’t surfing on water because they can use hover boards.


The character that you start out with in Subway Surfers is Jake. Jake is a graffiti artist and is very talented. In the game, Jake is working on an art piece. He is putting the art on a train. While working, a train conductor and his Pitbull catch Jake. Jake starts running with the conductor and his Pitbull chasing him. While running, Jake has to avoid obstacles like boards and signs. Some of the trains are still while others are moving. Some still trains have ramps to get on them. Jake can use these ramps.


You are Jake at the time that he starts running. Jake will start out running slowly and get faster as the game goes on. As you are running on the train tracks, you will see coins. You want to collect these coins for a better high score. There are three train tracks. As obstacles come close, you can slide from one track to another in order to avoid getting hit and thus getting caught by the conductor.

Power Ups:

This game has many power ups. These power ups include jetpack, 2x multiplayer, super sneakers, and coin magnet. The jetpack allows you to fly over the tracks and collect tons of coins. 2x multiplayer doubles the points you earn during the period of time that it is in effect. Super sneakers enable you to jump higher (over trains) for a short amount of time. Finally, the coin magnet is (obviously) a magnet that collects all of the coins on the track while it is in effect. All power ups are in effect for a limited amount of time.


There are five characters in this game. There is Hood (Jake) who is a young kid in a hoodie. Hood wears a red hat under the hood. He is the default player in this game. There is Tricky who is a blond haired girl. Tricky has a ponytail, a red hat, and oversized glasses. Tricky must be unlocked by collecting three of her red hats. You collect the red hats by obtaining a mystery box. Next, there is Fresh. Fresh is a lover of hip-hop, and shows this in the game with his giant boom box. Fresh has tall black hair and wears a jersey. You can unlock him by collecting 50 of his stereos. Then we have Spike. Spike is a rock star, which wears a leather jacket and has a red mohawk. Getting Spike means collecting 200 of his red guitars. Finally, there is Yutani. Yutani is supposedly the “weird” one of the characters. The reason why is because he/she wears a monster suit. The reason I say he/she is because you only see Yutani’s face and nobody knows weather it is a boy or a girl. You get Yutani by collecting 500 of his/her aliens.

Mystery Box:

As you are running, you will come across a mystery box every once in a while. You always want to collect mystery boxes because inside will always be something good. You find out what is in the mystery box after a run. Here are some of the things you can get in the mystery box. You can get coins, hover boards, Tricky’s hats, Fresh’s stereos, Spike’s guitars, and Yutani’s spaceships.

Hover Boards:

In the game, you can use a hover board. You have a limited amount of hover boards but can get more. Hover boards, like power ups, are in effect for a limited amount of time. Hover boards make you invincible for the time they are in effect. For example, if you run in to a train, the conductor won’t catch you. Everything just flashes by and you keep running. However, if a train does hit you, the hover board will be gone and you will just be running again.

This game is a fun and addicting game. I highly recommend that you play because I guarantee that it is a cool game. Next time you’re looking in the App Store on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad, take a look at Subway Surfers.