Writer’s Block Doesn’t Even Begin To Cover It

You’re sitting at your desk, everyone is yelling out possible topics, and your brain is going into overdrive. The newspaper editors just asked you what your Newspaper topic is going to be, but you barely heard them over the talking/yelling. Someone is shushing everyone else and just adding to the crescendo of voices. You can’t seem to think up a topic for your article. You are thinking and thinking and thinking and thinking, but nothing comes…

Did you know that only 4 percent of your brain is devoted to creativity? Try using that 4 percent to think of a newspaper article. Pretty hard, right? Now add that to 20 writers exclaiming about their ideas. Difficult? Yeah. It’s even harder when you’re trying to figure out what to do while having a conversation with a friend.

DANIELLE: So, what would you like to write our newspaper article on?

MELANIE: I don’t know. Maybe something about fashion.

DANIELLE: Yeah…like what? Clothes, nail polish…

MELANIE: OMG!  I’m wearing the nail polish you gave me for my birthday!

DANIELLE: I know! So cool, right?!!!!!!!

MELANIE: Amazing!!!!!!!! Do you have some? What color?

DANIELLE: It’s kind of bluish, and soooooo pretty! My aunt gave it to me!!!!!!!!

TEACHER: Get back on topic, girls.

DANIELLE: So, anyways, what would you like to write our newspaper article on?

See? Hard to stay on topic when there is a fashionable new nail polish that your friend is wearing. Everyone wishes at one point in their lives that someone else would do something for them every once in a while. But we’re just not that lucky. We have to keep thinking and thinking and thinking….

Of course, there are great things about writing an article. Don’t get me wrong, Newspaper is awesome. Like when a great idea springs into your head, or when your best friend picks you to work with, or when your Newspaper editor says they like your article. But…

Writing a newspaper article is definitely not for slackers.