Mr. Stripes: An Advice Column


Dear Mr. Stripes,
My parents are driving me crazy. They are always nagging me about homework and grades and every night they want me to spend like an hour talking to them about how my day was. I need them to understand that I need some space.

Dear Really Crowded,
I think you should try to understand that your parents are really very interested in your life, and being now a middle schooler, you might be unintentionally not giving them as much attention as they would like (which is probably wayyy too much attention). What ever the circumstance, I think you should try to explain to them that you are a teen/pre teen and you just need your space. Maybe you could agree on a time once a day or once a week or whatever you can agree on for time to just talk to them. Parents can be suffocating sometimes!

Good luck! -Mr. Stripes