Oink, Moo, Baa, Squeak, and Yum – A Day at The Farm Show

The guinea pigs and rabbits, the enormous farm machinery, lots of cows, and the fried food begin to describe the farm show. It was the Pennsylvania Farm Show, held on January 11, 2013 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Some of the animals were a result of breeding with artificial selection, which created animals unlike any I’ve ever seen prior to this.  There were white turkeys, which we learned sell better than their brown cousins. I pet a suspiciously large rabbit, and later found out that they were meant for human consumption. There were even Teddy guinea pigs that had frizzy fur.

The poultry was a different story all together.  There were black chickens with fluffy white heads. Along with the extensive collection of livestock, there was a butter sculpture, a food court and a tractor square dance. The butter sculpture was made of 1,000 pounds of donated “LandOLakes” butter, then put into a temperture controlled room with glass walls. The food court included the famous Kennet square mushrooms, funnel cake, pie, and milkshakes.

The farm show complex was huge, and took immense effort to navigate.  The competitions included sheep of many different breeds, endless rows of cows, and draft horses. The food court smelled of a mix of manure and deep fried food, which resulted in a uniquely strange smell. Surprisingly, vegetables were scarce. There were prize pies, wine and honey, and gigantic farm machinery that made us all feel small.

All in all it was an interesting experience of Pennsylvania farm culture.

~ Illustration by Thea A-L