Meeting for Business

Homeroom Meeting for Business is not always as smooth and  productive as one would hope but it is a learning process. At meeting for business, it can sometimes be very hard for the homeroom representatives to get their message across. Likewise, it can be very hard for their classmates to whom they are talking to respect them like they would a teacher.

Here are the two viewpoints:

Non- representative (a.k.a ‘The Snitch’):

“It didn’t feel very good because it felt like the homeroom representatives felt that they were superior to us. It also felt like they were making all these rules and that we got no opinion whatsoever and that our opinions were not worth as much as the representatives opinions. For example, when one person was saying “you can’t say anything about this” or “we are the ones making the final decision”  it felt as if they could do or say anything because all that counted was their opinion. Also, the homeroom reps moved people around if they were talking without their consent and sometimes they wouldn’t even be talking and the only reason that person would be moved is because of a personal grudge.”

Representative (a. k. a. ‘The Teacher’s Pet’):

“They didn’t respect us. They got mad when we told them to be quiet. Then, I felt so disrespected when they wouldn’t listen to me. I also got mad when people said “you have no authority over me,” but actually I did during the time. It was very frustrating and annoying. We were trying to get things done. We didn’t need their insolent behavior.”

This shows how when neither group was listening to the other, both felt disrespected. Unfortunately, this is a typical 7th grade meeting for business.

By Alex Pear and Sophie Quaglia

CAPTION: Seventh Graders Attempt to Run a Meeting for Business