Living in The White House

How would you like it if your mom or dad became a politician, got a lot of donations, ran for president…and won?

Well, it would obviously be a big change: moving to a giant white building with probably a lot more backyard space than you had before, having bodyguards following you and watching your every move, saying things like, “The eagle is clear, I repeat, the eagle is clear!” Knowing that you could be killed at any one moment. There would definitely be good things about being the kid of a President, like an outdoor pool, a new dog, being on TV, getting the run of the White House. You would ride in a limousine, meet a lot of cool people. But the hardest thing that I would imagine is not really having a great friend.

sasha_malia2Think about Malia Obama and Natasha (Sasha) Obama, the current president’s girls. Malia will turn 15 on July 4th and Sasha will turn 12 on June 10th. Going to Sidwell Friends School in Washington D.C. might be a little bit easier than going to other schools, because most of the former presidents’ children have gone to Sidwell Friends, but it can’t be that easy. Think about how every time they want to make a friend, they probably stop and wonder, Does this person like me for who I am, or just because my dad is president? Maybe they have a lot of friends, but they don’t have any real friends, just kids who want to have a playdate at the White House.

Sure, Malia and Sasha look really happy on TV, and who wouldn’t? It would definitely be an awesome life! And I’m sure they’re probably just fine living in the White House for another four years. Just remember, next time you’re watching a presidential election and you sigh and say that you wish you could live in the White House, think again, because there is a lot more stuff to it than just fame, glory, and a new dog.