Two Hundred Years of Racket: The History of Squash

Originating in London’s Fleet Prison in 1820, squash is a sport with notable history. The game, created by prisoners, was first known as “rackets”. Later, in 1830, the game migrated to some schools in England. The Harrow School is credited with the invention of the game, turning it into “squash”, because that was the noise the  ball made when it was hit against the wall. Originally the racket ball did not have a hole in it  like today’s ball.  They eventually included a ball with a hole hat there could be a better diversity of shots hit.  That small change ultimately, made a much different game, the one we know as softball squash.

In 1864, the Harrow School built four squash courts, though the first standardized court was built at the Bath Club, being 32 feet long and 21 feet wide.

Squash first came to America in 1882, as hardball squash, played with a harder ball and narrower courts. In the 1980’s, the international standardized court and ball were introduced to the North American countries.

Since then, squash has never made the Olympics. The first attempt failed in 1942, in preparation for the Helinski games of 1952. There have been many unsuccessful attempts since then.

The decision will be made in September of 2013 in Buenos Aires, Argentina-will squash make the Olympics?