Watch Out Pop

I have noticed that in recent months the genre of pop has had a more “dance” feel. By “dance” I mean E.D.M., Electronic Dance Music. E.D.M. has been around for a long time but it was mostly popular in Sweden and Holland. The American dance scene has been around for a while but has been recently popularized. People like David Guetta have revolutionized it. Although, they aren’t necessarily the best DJ’s. Dance isn’t Dubstep. My pet peeve is when people call regular dance music “dubstep.” Dubstep is music like Zeds Dead, Borgore, Nero, Dada Life and Skrillex. Dubstep is E.D.M. but it isn’t regular and some find it hard to listen to. Personally, I love dubstep but not as much as dance.

Like I was saying, the American dance scene has recently been popularized but in the GFS Middle School (for the most part) it hasn’t “taken off”. At the last dance I spoke to the DJ. We were talking about dance in general. I then talked to him about good dance songs to play. He said that if the kids attending the dance hear a song that they’ve never heard or don’t know they automatically put their heads down and walk out of the gym. So he was almost afraid to play a dance song besides “Don’t You Worry Child.”

Dance is one of the most profitable genres. For instance, let’s take Avicii, the maker of Levels. He walks into the club he is performing at tonight. He drinks a few Red Bulls and get up on stage. He presses play and plays his set. He plays for two hours then leaves. He gets paid ¼ of a million dollars.

So in conclusion dance will replace pop. Some examples are Chris Brown making a crossover to dance, and Waka Flocka Flame coming out with an E.D.M. based album. So, watch out pop.

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