My Unabashed Obsession with “The Hunger Games”

Catching Fire is the second book in Suzan Collins’s ground breaking, earth shattering, jaw dropping trilogy and my favorite grouping of books since Harry Potter swept though the nation. Now let’s just stop and think, why is a book about teenagers killing each other for the enjoyment of the tyrannical goverment good? This is because it makes our problems seem like candy. “Does my crush have the same feelings as me?” “Is my family going to live another week?” Seems a little more interesting. Also because you have a new type of love triangle. Now that Twilight has made room for The Hunger Games, i think we have had a break from girls falling hard. Then finding another man, then though the rest of the movie the two guys fight to the death. No, that is not the Hunger Games. Or Catching Fire.

Catching fire is all about Katniss facing the distress of the beloved President Snow. I mean, Snow trying to kill her, her family, and everything that matters to her because she didn’t die. Can you relate to that? Think really hard, no? What about the hardships of math class? Or standing alone at the dance in the middle of a slow song? They are not as bad, but in this world, they are bad enough. Maybe you are the serious type, with the”seriously?” additude. i can deal with that. Maybe we can take a minute to look at something political.Or you can deal with that fact that this is a funny article. Let’s see, I was talking about hardships, no? So Suzan likes to leave cliff hangers, having her readers up till one in the morning. Reading Catching Fire, then searching online for  a website that has speed delivery of the next book. Like really speedy. Like that hour speedy. That’s how bad that last cliff hanger is. And that is one reason why i love it!

Now you have gotten an idea about my thoughts on Catching Fire. Or you’re the type of person who is thinking, seriously? If you are, I will take a minute to explain farther. I love this book because it exploits the human nature and need to survive. It shows that humans are, well…… humans. We don’t always fall hard in love, and we don’t always love our goverment. But the book also highlights what someone will do for someone they love. Like a little sister (aka, Prim), or someone you see your little sister in (aka, Rue’s family). Now, if you are still reading, i hope you all are crying. Because i just said something really touching. If you aren’t crying, that is slightly rude. But i will forgive you, because i am just that type of person. Now where, never mind, i know where i was. If you haven’t quite got my love for the Hunger Games Trilogy, re-read the whole artical. And if you still have problems with finding the love in this artical, let me make it clear. I LOVE THE HUNGER GAMES TRILOGY, AND IF YOU REALLY, REALLY WANT TO KNOW. READ THE BOOK. because I cannot explain all of the deep feelings, and horrors of Katniss’s messed up world. Please, do not feel that I am yelling at you, I am only trying to prove my dramatic point.