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1357759807_entertainment-weekly-cover-catching-fire-467Finnick Odair. Most Hunger Games fans will perk up at the mention of the name.  For those not as familiar, Finnick Odair is what some call the celebrity of the book. But readers will find out for different reasons than others.  You may be asking yourself, what does a character for the book have to do with anything. Well it does. The sequel to Hunger Games movie is coming out: Catching Fire (matching the book series order).  The casting of Finnick has already been selected: Sam Claflin. We got to thinking after looking at the picture of Finnick, what were the casting directors thinking?

Most people describe Finnick Odair as a very handsome young man. Words like his golden tan, his deep green eyes, and bronze hair make him sound very appealing to the ear. What we see here of the picture of him did not match his description for us.  He looks like he had gotten one of those spray tan bottles that you would find at a dollar store for 15 cents. It doesn’t look like he’s been sitting in the sun all day.  Which he would be according to the book Catching Fire that the movie is based on.  Also if you look very closely you can see that his natural brown hair is still there, you can tell by the roots.  Which would also not have been there. Now, Sam Claflin may be a good actor. But can he pull off the most memorable lines? “Want a sugar cube?” or “Why? Is this distracting?” Now can you picture Sam in a fishing net like the character he is supposed to play? I don’t think I can.

Some of you may be saying to yourself, “Who in the world is Sam Claflin?”  You may recognize him from movies and TV series like Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides as Philip, United as Ducan Edwards, The Lost Future as Kaleb, Snow White and the Huntsman as William, White Heat (TV show) as Jack,  Mary and Martha as Ben, Any Human Heart (TV series) as the younger version of Logan Mountstuart, and The Pillars of the Earth (TV series) as Richard.

It’s not that Sam Clafin is a bad actor.  In no means are we saying that.  We’re just saying, for us at least this is not what we pictured in our mind when we pictured Finnick.  That is our individual prefrence.  What do you think?