Animation is no Easy Path

Animation is the displaying of different frames rapidly in sequence to give the illusion of movement. Animation is all around you, yet many people don’t realize all of the hard work that goes into animating an object.

Eighth grade project time offers an animation course taught by Sarah Detwiler for one trimester. During that time the students taking the class learn about different animation techniques as well as watching a great deal of animation. All of the students participating in the project time create their own flip-books as well as illustrating their own animations.

Contrary to how it might seem, incredible drawing skill is not needed to create a successful animation. To create a good animation one needs a good idea, good characters and a clear sense of the story they want to tell. All animations produced this year were displayed at the Middle School art show and can be found on the school’s Youtube channel. Enjoy! And rising seventh graders remember to sign up for animation next year!