Emily Bazelon: Sticks and Stones

Emily Bazelon, an alum of Germantown Friends School class of 1989, graduated from Yale in 1993 and is now the senior editor for online newspaper Slate. She has written on many controversial issues such as abortion, bullying and family issues. Recently she published a book on bullying called Sticks and Stones, a look inside grade school bullying.


Bazelon was a lifer at GFS, attending from Kindergarten to senior year in high school. Bazelon wrote for Earthquake in high school, and later a college paper. To really break into the journalism field, Bazelon went to Isreal for a year and freelanced, before taking her first full-time job as a journalist in a California newspaper called the Tri-Valley Herald. She now writes for Slate, an online newspaper (slate.com, check it out!). In 2011 Bazelon published a series on cyberbullying, called Bull-E, which opened many eyes to the harmful effects of cyber-bullying on social networking sites such as Facebook.

This past February, Emily Bazelon’s new book, Sticks and Stones, was released. The book confronts the idea that bullying is something more then just stealing another student’s lunch money, especially in the modern age. She follows three middle school students, all with their own relationships with bullying. Thirteen year old Monique, was victim of teenage meanness for months until her mother pulled her out of school. Jacob was harassed about his sexuality then proceeded to sue the school for the wrongs committed against him. Flannery faces criminal charges for driving another student to commit suicide. Bullying is being attacked ferociously in this novel, hopefully teaching schools to pay greater attention to this issue.

To learn more about Emily Bazelon go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emily_Bazelon