Exams: A Guide to Stress Relief

Exam week is a very stressful week for a lot of people. They study hard for each exam. They worry about the exam in their worst subject. They get afraid of failing. But the question is, do they really have to?

“Are you ready for the exam?” This question is usually asked come the day of a given exam. Everybody asks each other this question. I personally have asked this question many times. Similar responses are given. “I hope so. I studied all night last night and have been studying for the past two weeks.” But do these people really have to study so much?

Studying for exams is stressful. After all there is a lot to remember. However, people can take this the wrong way. Just because you have a lot to remember does not mean you have to study for 8 hours a night. Studying too much can lead to bad things. You will start asking yourself, “what if i forget something?” This leads to even more studying. At this point you wonder, “what if these things aren’t on the exam?” Thus, you study everything again. Studying too much is also unhealthy. People tend to stay up all night studying the night before the exam. When they come in the next morning, they are struggling to keep their eyes open. This can cause them to stop paying attention to the test. This leads to wrong answers and a bad grade. The stress can also get out of hand. If you study too much, you can get too stressed out. This leads to worry about the test. Come the day before or even exam day, people focus on the exam and not on other classes. Once finished that exam, they realize they have a big exam the next day, which they haven’t even started studying for.

On the other hand, studying too little also leads to bad events, as you guessed already. If you study too little, and barely look  at your notes or review, you could walk into the exam not knowing anything on it. If you only study some things but not others, there is a big chance that you will fail a whole part of the exam. This could lead to a bad grade.

Thus you have to find the perfect amount of studying. There are some options. 1) You could study for an hour to an hour and a half and then take a break for the same amount of time. Then you could return to studying for another hour. You should do this a couple times. 2) You could study for one to two hours a night for the remaining week before the exam. 3) You can study for an hour. Then you could ask someone to pretest you. If you do well, only spend another 15-30  minutes. If you do poorly, you should spend another hour or two studying. Then ask to be pretested again.

Exam week can be stressful. Lots of times exams are much easier than people think they will be. So just remind yourself, this isn’t going to be too hard and you have plenty of time to do it. Time plays a huge factor. Pacing yourself is important. Not too fast but not too slow. And remember, always check over your answers. Make sure you answered the full question. Once you are done you will realize it is over and you don’t have to worry about it anymore. Remember, our eyes were put in front so we could look ahead, not look back.