Dick Wade Says Goodbye

As we all know, Dick Wade, Head of School, is retiring after twenty years of working at GFS. But what we don’t know is what he plans to do after he leaves the hallowed halls of Germantown Friends School. Fortunately, we had a chance to sit down and chat with Dick one final time to get the scoop.

Dick is looking forward to retirement. He plans to return home to his roots in Virginia with his wife. First thing on his agenda is to take a few naps in the sun. Sounds good to us, especially right now during this crazy exam period! For certain it will be a much more relaxing life than his hurried GFS one.

When Dick took the role of head at GFS in 1993 (before anyone in the Middle School was born), he promised his wife that he would retire at 65, and that day has come way too quickly. So in the interest of marital harmony, we can only wish him well.  Anyone who attended the recent surpirse celebration for him in the Common knows that Dick accomplished much during his time at GFS. For starters, he has overseen the creation of  many new buildings on and off campus including: the Wade Science Center, the Greenawalt Track, the Hargroves Center, the update of the Friends Free Library, the Field House and the Common.

These are just buildings. Dick’s real influence lies with the faculty and students that he touched in his years as Head. His kindness and support will be remembered by many. His legacy is the true leadership he provided for so many over the course of two decades.  We will miss him very much.

What will Dick miss most?  When asked what his favorite part of being the head of GFS was, Dick replied that he enjoyed beginning each morning with the hustle and bustle of the hallway in front of his office in the Main Building. We wish Dick the best of luck as he begins this new chapter of his journey.