Gatorade: Fuel of Champions

Gatorade is a sports drink. However, it is not just any sports drink, but the most used sports drink in the world (not counting water). Gatorade is filled with carbohydrates and electrolytes. Many people wonder though. How did Gatorade get so popular?

cade0011In 1965, the assistant coach of the Florida Gators Football Team noticed that the performance of his team was affected by heat. He met with physicians at the school and asked why. The physicians explained that the players were losing electrolytes and that those electrolytes were not being replaced. The physicians went to work on creating a new drink that would replace those electrolytes. They called this new drink Gatorade, after the name of the team (Florida Gators).

After creating the drink, the physicians introduced it to the football team. With the drink, the team improved in the following season substantially. They started outlasting opponents, and finished the season at 7-4. In 1966, the second season with Gatorade, the Gators finished 9-2 and won the Orange Bowl . Other universities noticed Florida’s success and asked for Florida to share the formula for the drink with them. The success of Gatorade continued, and in 1969, the Kansas City Chiefs began using Gatorade on their sidelines. The Chiefs went on to win Super Bowl IV with the help of the sports drink. Many NFL (National Football League)teams realized what Gatorade could do for them, and eventually, Gatorade became the official sports drink of the NFL.

In 1985, the Gatorade Sports Science Institute was made in Barrington, Illinois. Over the years, the Institute developed new tests for the drink and came up with new ideas for the franchise. In 2001, they created the Gatorade Performance Series, which included energy drinks, energy bars, and protein shakes. New formulas continued to be created by Gatorade. A couple years ago, Gatorade created Gatorade Prime, Perform and Recover. Prime was an energy drink created to prepare athletes for their sports events. Perform was just the drink from the Performance Series, but improved a little bit. Recover was a drink created to regain energy after your sports event. Gatorade still wasn’t finished. Recently, Gatorade released energy drinks that recounted important sport events in history. The bottles allowed people to customize their bottles on line at their website.

The new product is currently a hit, and tons of people around the world are using Gatorade. Many people in GFS drink Gatorade. When going to the GFS Fields, chances are that you will either see someone drinking Gatorade, or someone using a Gatorade bottle at least. Gatorade continues to develop new formulas. It has earned the right to be called the “fuel of champions”.