Dubstep- Is It Here To Stay?


Dubstep; love it or hate it, you probably know about it and how large of a subgenre it’s become. Famous for it’s loud, bass heavy beats, it’s insane bass drops, and overall ability to enjoy it, it has become one of the most popular genres of music for teens and young adults.

Before we can ask ourselves the question posed in the title, we must state what we’re talking about when we say dubstep. The dubstep referenced in this article is mainstream dubstep. Mainstream dubstep is the purest dubstep subgenre; it is just simply song made electronically to have a heavy bass and a strong bassdrop. The most infulencal artists in this subgenre are people such as Zomboy, Skism, Seven Lions, Savant, Doctor P, and of course, Skrillex (if you’re just starting to listen to dubstep, start will Savant. Go make a Pandora station of him. His large variety of songs allows for many different kinds of artists to play). The 2 most popular subgenres of mainstream dubstep are chillstep (softer bass, more subtle bassdrops) which includes artists such as Blackmill, MitiS, and Modestep. Crushstep/brostep (much heavier bass, more harsh beats & drops, a lot faster paced) is the other most popular subgenre, which includes artists such as Knife Party, Dodge & Fuski, and sometimes, Skrillex.

Genres to leave out of your head when reading this are plain techno, festival music, house music, and the increasingly popular EDM (electronic dance music). If you are new to dubstep, then you must know the difference. If a friend asks you to play some dubstep and you bust out some Daft Punk, you will seem really dorky. Anyhow, lets get started.

It’s clear that pretty much the only people who are picking up on the dubstep revolution are young people. I’ve seen dubstep fans as young as 5, and as old as 35, but they are very rare, especially the older ones. So that means that dubstep is only catching on for 1 main generation; this new one. Dubstep needs to figure out a way to make itself still relevent when my generation is ready to start having kids. If it is still popular then, we will probably show it to our kids and if it can stay popular throughout our kids lives up until they have kids, and they are able to pass it on, then I think that it would establish itself as a permanant genre of music. At that point, there probably wouldn’t be very many people who like it, but I think that if it lasted that long, it would end up like classical music; not a large precent of the population likes it, but it has still lasted for long enough that we can’t kill it off yet. Radiostations still play it, and adults and kids still listen to it. It’s unclear if it will EVER die off, but I think that in 4-5 generation, no one would even have heard of classical.

So after looking at all the information on genres that will last a while, I needed to look at a genre that lasted a very short period of time; Disco. Disco only lasted a very short amount of time, which was around a single decade. That’s due to it’s lack of appeal to so many. I don’t think that dubstep doesn’t have enough varienty to satisfy everyone, it surely does, but I think the issue is that people find it hard to get into. Mainstream isn’t for everyone, so if that’s what you’re introduced to, you may not like it. Maybe chillstep is your thing. However, not enough people make the effort to do that. So I present to you, that dubstep will last until this generation dies off. I don’t think that it’s large enough to last any longer. But don’t worry dubstep fans; it’s not going to disappear so you can go enjoy those beats ‘till the day you die.

An example of mainstream dubstep

An  example of EDM

An example of crushstep/ brostep

An example of chillstep

Good artists to listen to (for beginners)- Savant

Feed Me

Tut Tut Child


Doctor P

Seven Lions